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College and Life Insurance from a Yuba City Life Insurance Agency

As anyone who is contemplating college, currently attending college, or putting someone through college knows, higher education is expensive. In fact, it has been reported that since the early 1980s the cost of a college education at a four-year public institution has increased by 250 percent. It’s safe to say that the average parent’s wages…
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Yuba City Life Insurance Agency Talks Medicare Supplement Insurance

Medicare is a supplemental insurance program that provides health insurance for Americans 65 and older. It has been administered by the federal government since 1966. The program utilizes 30-50 private insurance companies throughout the U.S. Medicare is funded by a number of sources including premiums, a payroll tax and surtaxes from beneficiaries, and general revenue.…
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Yuba City Life Insurance Agency Explains Policy Ownership

With a life insurance policy, the focus is often on the insured (the person whose life is covered by the policy) and the beneficiary (the person who receives money if the insured dies while the policy is in force). The third role associated with life insurance is that of the policy owner also called the…
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