slide4As a Yuba City Health Insurance Agency, we thought this article may be of interest to employers and individuals in our local Yuba, Sutter, and Butte Counties. Read below!

"The Affordable Care Act was aimed mainly at giving people better options for buying health insurance on their own. There were widespread predictions that employers would leap at the chance to drop coverage and send workers to fend for themselves.

But those predictions were largely wrong. Most companies, and particularly large employers, that offered coverage before the law have stayed committed to providing health insurance.

As it turns out, health care remains an important recruitment and retention tool as the labor market has tightened in recent years. Desirable employees still expect health benefits, and companies are responding, new analyses of federal data show.

“We’re more confident than ever that we’ll offer benefits,” said Robert Ihrie Jr., a senior vice president for Lowe’s Companies, the home improvement retailer.

Companies get a sizable federal tax break from providing the insurance. And if they dropped the coverage, many workers would expect the money in their paycheck to increase enough to pay for outside insurance — or would look for a new job.

The reversal in thinking about employer benefits is so stark that even government budget officials are singing an optimistic tune. They lowered the number of people they think will lose coverage because of the health law and now predict employers will remain the source of coverage for a majority of working Americans for the next decade.

The surprise turnaround adds to an emerging consensus about the contentious health law: It has not upturned the core of the country’s health insurance system, even while insuring millions of low-income people."

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Employee Benefits in Yuba City is a great way to recruit and retain quality employees. These quality employees help employers reach their long term business goals. It is key to work local so that we can build our local economy. We care about Yuba City, Marysville Live Oak, and Gridley. To keep our economy strong it is important to work together so that we can all build a better future for our cities. As a local business ourselves we work with local businesses even though it may cost more. We are grateful for the opportunities in our local area! We look forward to working with all of the businesses and individuals with their insurance needs.

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