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ACA’s “Small Group” Expansion Is Rescinded

October 08, 2015 Following passage in the Senate, the President signed the Protecting Affordable Care for Employees (PACE) Act into law on October 7, 2015. The PACE Act rescinds the ACA’s expansion of small group health insurance policies from “up to 50 employees” to “up to 100 employees” that was scheduled to take effect January…
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Lost Health Insurance Coverage?

Now that open enrollment is over, you can't sign up for health insurance unless you have a qualifying event. One of the most common qualifying events is losing coverage through your employer or your spouses employer. This means that the date you lose coverage, you have 60 days to find coverage elsewhere i.e. Covered California…
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Yuba and Sutter County Covered California Experts

  Yuba and Sutter County Covered California Experts Our office found out about a month ago that we have completed more enrollments through Covered California than any other agent or agency in Yuba and Sutter County! The Management team at Covered CA came to our office to let us know that we were the top…
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