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Yuba City Life Insurance and Health Benefits for Employees

The times are changing Health insurance, as a profession and field, has changed quite a bit. In recent years, there has been legislation passed by congress that has greatly affected health insurance and its standards. As business owners, this legislation is very important and can have dire consequences if not followed. This has forced businesses…
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Obamacare (Covered California) in California

Obamacare (Covered California) in California Welcome to the most efficient place find out about Obamacare (Covered California) in California. We have very clear and accurate information about Covered California in Yuba City including: Why you MUST have health insurance What plans are available based on where you live The cost for health insurance coverage How…
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Lost Health Insurance Coverage?

Now that open enrollment is over, you can't sign up for health insurance unless you have a qualifying event. One of the most common qualifying events is losing coverage through your employer or your spouses employer. This means that the date you lose coverage, you have 60 days to find coverage elsewhere i.e. Covered California…
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