HR Services

post-img1As employers, we achieve results by increasing workforce efficiencies and streamlining HR infrastructures. It’s critical we understand the legal and financial risks that HR issues create and it’s essential to offer a wide range of solutions to fit companies of various sizes and budgets.
To meet the requirements of our client partners, we have joined forces with ThinkHR, a professional HR consulting firm located in the Bay Area. Through their suite of HR services, we collectively focus on the people side of business, so that you can direct your energies on growth and long term viability. LOGIN HERE


ThinkHR provides expert advice to manage the employee dimension of your organization. With ThinkHR’s hotline, you will have immediate access to a staff of PHR and SPHR experts on call when you have a question related to a broad range of HR topics.


ThinkHR Includes:

  • HR Hotline: phone access to HR advisors, written follow-up on complex issues or researched matters, national and regional expertise from certified professionals in human resources.
  • HR Library: 1000’s of forms, documents, tools, checklists, and templates for every HR department.  Job description builder and salary benchmarking tools.
  • HR Training: 200+ on-demand courses for both management and employees.  Popular subject categories include employment, workplace safety, environmental compliance, unlawful harassment prevention, customer service and wellness.