Legal Protection

Affordable Attorney Access and Legal Services


Agent providing insurance cover to a young coupleLegalShield believes everyone deserves access to affordable Yuba City legal protection. And for over 40 years, we have been providing members with affordable attorney access. For as little as $20 a month, LegalShield gives you the power to talk to an attorney about any personal legal issue. Whether it's big, small or somewhere in between, your LegalShield provider law firm will be there to offer advice or assistance on a variety of personal legal issues. Your membership allows you to get help on things you may have never even thought needed an attorney from real estate to traffic tickets, from warranty disputes to being sued, and beyond.

Our dedicated attorney network is the framework that enables our members to pick up the phone and call an accomplished law firm that is ready and willing to help with any personal legal issue. Our attorneys have an average of 19 years of experience and are paid in advance which means they are motivated and obligated to provide the best possible legal assistance to Yuba City Residents.

Below is an example, and brief description, of services your Yuba City legal plan offers. Please reference a sample member contract in the Personal Legal Plan section of this website for a complete description of benefits and exclusions. Not all plans are available in every state.

Advice / Consultation / Representation
Advice and Consultation
Letters and Phone Calls on Your Behalf
Personal Document Review
Trial Defense
Document Preparation
Standard Will Preparation
Health Care Power of Attorney
Living Will
Residential Loan Document Assistance
Moving Traffic Violations
Family Matters
Uncontested Name Change Assistance
Uncontested Adoption Representation
Uncontested Separation Representation
Uncontested Divorce Representation
IRS Audit Legal Services

This is a general overview of your legal plan coverage for illustration purposes only. The benefits described are not available in all states and Canadian provinces. See a plan contract for complete terms, coverage, amounts, conditions and exclusions.

Plans may vary depending on your state or province of residence. Go to the Plan Purchase Section for more specific details.