The times are changing

Health insurance, as a profession and field, has changed quite a bit. In recent years, there has been legislation passed by congress that has greatly affected health insurance and its standards. As business owners, this legislation is very important and can have dire consequences if not followed. This has forced businesses to reevaluate the status of their employees and how they offer Yuba City insurance benefits. New legislation

A matter of law

In the past, business owners had the option to offer health, dental or vision insurance. Many other businesses also offer financial benefits such as 401 K or stock options. Before the change in legislation, these offers drew the line between jobs and careers. These were used to entice potential and current employees to stay with the company. For instance, ObamaCare, has made offering health insurance a matter of law. ObamaCare now requires that any business that has over 50 full time employees must offer full health benefits. Of course, this has business owners searching for the best price and quality in-group benefits that they can find.

How do you get your insurance?

As most have seen in the news, the open-enrollment period for ObamaCare has past. For the average person this means that you cannot sign up for health insurance until November 1, 2015 unless you join the insurance benefits through their employer. You may enroll in the health insurance market place through ObamaCare "IF" there is a life changing event such a pregnancy, marriage, or a change of employment (loss of benefits). In regards to purchasing life insurance in Yuba City , you may purchase that at anytime privately with our office.

Aid from Covered California

In the state of California, there is a website designed to help businesses and individuals find the best coverage for their circumstances. Covered California leads those searching for health insurance in Yuba City through the different options available to them according to their circumstances. Through out the country, each state also has a similar websites which directs people to various forms of coverage. This includes people that have been on Medicare or Medicaid and need gap insurance in the interim.

Businesses of Yuba City, CA can utilize Covered California by using our free services to ensure the best coverage for themselves and their businesses.

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